Taking a Home Inventory

Posted by Lori Gelvin Wednesday, February 6, 2019 8:37:00 AM

Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you:

  • Purchase the right insurance coverage to replace the things you own

  • Expedite an insurance claim

  • Substantiate losses that are filed on income tax returns

Many insurers provide online tips and web-based programs to assist their customers

with the inventory process. Some even provide cloud-based apps for easy

accessibility and updating.

Perhaps your preference is to conduct a paper or video inventory of your

possessions. Whatever method you choose, these tips will help you capture all that

you own.


  • If you are just setting up your apartment or household, the inventory

    process may be relatively simple. If you are recently married, include your

    wedding registries to document new possessions.

  • Update your inventory regularly, adding new items when you buy them.

    Scan or add digital copies of receipts with photos of electronics and other

    items of value.

  • Obtain close-ups of expensive items such as jewelry, fine art, stamp

    collections, china, furs, antiques and silver. NOTE: Older items, like artwork,

    antiques and collectibles may increase in value since their purchase. Some

    may require appraisals for authentication and value. Be sure to scan or

    photograph appraisals into your inventory.

  • Don’t forget closets, drawers, cabinets, toys and storage tubs. Inventory

    items in your basement, garage and outbuildings, too.

  • Store a backup of your inventory off-site in a safe deposit box (on a memory

    stick or external hard drive) or in a cloud-based back up. Scan the hard copy

    of your inventory for safe keeping.

  • Delete items from your inventory when you no longer have them.

  • Update your inventory every few years, when you move or when you make

    a major home improvement.

  • You may prefer to back up an inventory with video. If using video, walk

    through your house or apartment while taping its contents. Remember to

    open draws and closets. One advantage of video is that you can narrate as

    you inventory, including information on the make and model of home

    electronics and appliances.

Provided courtesy of the Ohio Insurance Institute

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