Winterize your home

Posted by Lori Gelvin Wednesday, December 22, 2021 9:38:00 AM

Ohio Department of Insurance director Judith L. French urges people to winterize their property and secure adequate insurance now to minimize potentially costly repairs later due to Ohio’s harsh winter weather.

“It’s time for Ohioans to review their insurance policies and evaluate their financial protection needs for winter,” French said. “I encourage anyone with questions about insurance to contact our experts and to also complete an insurance review with their agent.”

Ohioans are encouraged to:

Review insurance protections and coverage amounts

* Most property policies generally cover structures and contents damaged by wind, ice, water (but not flooding, which typically requires the purchase of a separate flood insurance policy) and burst water pipes.

* Damage to the roof, gutters, siding, and windows, such as from ice damming or collapse from the weight of snow, is also generally covered.

Evaluate personal possessions coverage options

* If you have a loss, actual cash value coverage pays the item’s value the day of destruction. Replacement cost coverage pays in accordance with the value of a comparable item at the current market price.

* Renters should consider a renters insurance policy to protect their possessions.

Review coverage for after-the-fact expenses

* Determine if the policy pays for such things as fire department charges, temporary repairs, debris removal, trees and shrubs, personal property storage, and certain living expenses.

Complete a home inventory

* List your possessions with photos and values. It will help you secure adequate insurance protection and assist with filing a claim. Download the free National Association of Insurance Commissioners Home Inventory App. Print a home inventory checklist at


* Clean debris from gutters and downspouts and address missing shingles and overhanging tree limbs. Inspect the underside of the roof from the attic for signs of leaks.

* Protect against frozen and burst water pipes by maintaining adequate heat in your home. Be sure to insulate any exposed pipes with foam insulating sleeves at minimum.

Contact the Ohio Department of Insurance at 1-800-686-1526 with any insurance questions or concerns and visit for information. The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness website,, contains important safety information.

Provided by The Ohio Department of Insurance

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